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About us

 “Armoil” CJSC carries out its activities in the petroleum market in Armenia and CIS countries by presenting petroleum products and engine oils.

The company was founded in 2013 by founders who have more than 20 year professional experience in this area. Before founding the company in Armenia they have carried out their activities in UAE, Iran, some European, Asian, African countries.

Before the company was founded many in-depth studies were conducted in this market: local market, climatic conditions, customers’ demands were in detail investigated and considering the received results and the available professional experience “Armoil” company was founded.

“Armoil” CJSC is the official representative of famous brand “Lubrex” in Armenia and in the CIS countries and it imports the engine oils from UAE.

“Armoil” offers the wide range of engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, transmission fluids, compressor oils, brake fluids, antifreeze, greases, diesel fuel, bitumen and etc.

 “Armoil” has its own specialized showroom (Address: 2nd Block, Davtashen, Yerevan, Armenia) where the high qualified personnel which had special trainings in UAE provides the necessary information and a free consultation to drivers.

The main mission and goal of “Armoil” company is to meet its customers’ needs at a high level and to ensure a long-term cooperation.

"Armoil" company principles are:

  Honesty, Professionalism and Progress ...

Latest News

“Armoil” is in holiday mood, a lot of surprises are prepared for buyers

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By His Holiness patriarch the hand of the Great House of Kilikia patriarchate the founder of “Armoil” company Henrik Ter-Ghukasian was awarded the order "Knight"

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"Armoil" company is one year old !!!

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“Armoil” company won the award "Armenia Expo 2014" international exhibition

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Surprises in action in different sectors of Yerevan

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“Armoil” company has opened a store showroom

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