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Bitumen 60/70 & 85/100

Currently "Armoil" CJSC offers for armenian market two types of bitumen 60/70 and 85/100. The company's limited offer due to the fact, that these kinds of bitumen are most usable. However "Armoil" CJSC possible to offer other types of bitumen.

Bitumen 60/70 and 85/100 is the most popular bitumen grades. Bitumen is used for road construction, surfacing airfield runways and taxi tracks, hydraulic applications such as canal lining, river bank protection, dam construction and sea defenses. It also used in industrial applications like roofing felt manufacture, printing inks, electrical cable, junction boxes, mastic for flooring water proofing for terraces, duplex paper manufacture etc.

Neat bitumen has sufficient characteristics to be used in low cost roads with light or medium traffic loads. But in case of high importance roads where traffic loads are high, especially heavy vehicles, and maintenance is difficult due to traffic flow, or when facing with harsh climatic conditions such as very cold, hot or rainy, the use of polymer modified bitumens looks cost effective.
Different polymers could be used to reach different characteristics. The selection of polymer and its amount depends to design parameter and in-site conditions and absolutely price and availability of polymers.

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