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Lubrex FZC

“Lubrex” FZC

“Lubrex” company is lubricant manufacturing company registered in UAE.
The company mission is to manufacture and market high quality products to satisfy customer needs globally and constantly thrive to conduct business in a transparent, trustworthy and safe manner thru team work, integrity and innovation.
One of the privileges of the company is that the company has the largest and the most equipped laboratory in the Middle East. The laboratory is equipped with all necessary newest equipments.
“Lubrex” offers the wide range of engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, transmission fluids, compressor oils, brake fluids, antifreeze, greases and etc.
The company has ISO international certificates (ISO 9001:2008 /CERTIFICATE No. 690822/, ISO 9001:2008 /CERTIFICATE No. 690771/, ISO 14001:2004 /CERTIFICATE No. 690700/, OHSAS 18001:2007 /CERTIFICATE No. 690458) and approval from the Daimler Group.
The company operates in Europe, Asia, Africa countries and is well known there.
“Lubrex” company slogan is “The best quality at affordable price”.

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